• Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light

    Product Specifications

    (1) Built in Rechargeable and lead acid battery with capacity up to 1200 Mah, Log serving life.

    (2) Use Environmental protection ,white ,super bright imported led , it can work more than 10000 hrs. Low power consumption only consumes 6.4 w when put on strong light and it can last for 3 hrs when turning on the highest brightness.
    (3) This product was equipped with a DC power input port which is compatible with the use of solar panel and power adaptor .This product also has polarity protection function.

    (4) with emergency function , it is the best choice for all kinds of outdoor leisure , field work , shopping malls as well as other places of emergency lighting .

    RECHARGEBLELIGHT onlite 1157

    Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light

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