• Digtal Tyre Depth Gauge

    Outil Digtal Tyre Depth Gauge

    Single Button – very simple to use with just one button to turn on and shift between units.
    Great value for your money! It longens the tyre use if checked on time.
    It has needle which goes in the tyre groove and simultaneously the reading comes on the screen.
    It is measure in inch/mm
    Tyre tread is the raised rubber of the tyre which contacts the road. Uk legislation requires that car tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread.
    Technical Specifications

    Body is made of ABS and has a metal body
    RANGE :0-35MM/0-1”
    Resolution : 0.01mm/.005”
    Battery SR44/LR44,1.5V

    digital nsd gauge 1

    Digtal Tyre Depth Gauge

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