• Adaptor Water Ballast

    Purpose : Ease of water ballasting in tractor .

    Ballasting of the Driving wheels is recommended to increase Draw bar Pull /Traction of the Tractor. Ballasting also helps in increasing Tyre Life as it reduces wheel slip with primary tillage or other heavy implements. Driving comfort too improves due to ballasting.

    it takes longer time or one has to go to the garage for getting it filled .A special tool called Water Valve Adaptor has been developed to save time for filling the water & to avoid continuous personal attention while filling the water.


    Water should be filled up to 75% of the maximum capacity.

    In Extreme cold areas where atmosphere temperature is likely to fall below freezing point , use calcium solution.

    Tyre should be inflated after filling the water as per the recommended pressure.

    Attach 1/2″ orĀ 3/4″ diameter hose pipe to the adaptor , remove the valve core and insert the adaptor and screw it . Then start the water supply , tyre should be in 12 0’clock position ,and close it as soon as water comes out of the air vent given in the adaptor.


    Adaptor Water Ballast

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