Car Vacuum Cleaner

We bring you the most versatile & powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner ever made. This 12-V car vacuum cleaner is equipped with high performance copper-core motor is made of pure & tough ABS material.

There is a hose, wide brush attachment, crevice nozzle and brush tool. Another great aspect is that it is a bag less car vacuum, which means you do not have to replace any bags.

The best part however is that the filter is completely washable and you can clean it under a running water tap with a small brush. Be rest assured with 1 year warranty.
Versatile Car Vacuum Cleaner with outstanding suction power !
DC 12V, 100W turbo copper-core motor
High quality, tough, pure ABS Material
Dual Purpose – Wet & Dry Usage
High quality, washable, medical-grade HEPA filter
3m long copper cable allows to reach all corners of the car
Attachments – Crevice Nozzle, Hose Pipe, Fabric Brush, Carpet Brush
High Quality 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug with LED Light & Extra fuse
Strong suction power. Can lift upto 510 g (2 mobile phones tied together) through vacuum suction
Translucent bowl – See the dirt and know when to empty
Bagless Car Vacuum. No hassles of replacing bags
Contains1 Vacuum cleaner with wired connector and 1 brush
Comes with 2 convenient attachments and washable filter
Compact and light weight
Even minute dust is wiped off
Handy and easy to carry
Dust is collected in a detachable can which can be then cleaned



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