water cooler for tractor2

Bottle Cooler Tractor

Product Features
•          Performance
Cools the water in bottle to a temperature well below the ambient temperature, even in hot external conditions. Helps quench the thirst in minutes.
•          Design
Robust design to sustain vibrations and hiccups due to road bumps. Water resistant & splash resistant product exterior.
•          Storage
Accommodates one water bottle of 1L capacity in the Cooling cavity. Provides additional storage capacity (2 Nos. of 1L water bottle).
•          Safety
No gas inside, hence, safe and reliable. Made of environmentally safe material.
•          Durability
Rustproof components for long life of the product.
•          Maintenance
No moving parts inside, except the fan, resulting in less maintenance.
(Operational Features)

Easy installation

Connected with ignition, saves battery

Noise free operation

Permanently bolted for theft prevention

Low maintenance

Can sustain in the dust environment

Benefits of OEM fitment to the Manufacturer

Customer satisfaction

Product Differentiator

Increased mindshare

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